Audacity works great for starting out! Did I miss the mark on something? Requests? It weighs 10 pounds and measures 40″ x 10″ x 10″. The MXL 70 has a flat frequency response which is perfect for distinct vocals production. It’s really an all purpose tool. Perhaps the greatest strength of the MXL 770 is it’s versatility. -Stu. It doesn’t have the quality of something like the AKG C414 , but it is a fraction of the price. By and large, this should be your go-to mic if you’re looking to record rap vocals. I’ve lost count of how many reviewers compared the 770 side by side with a Nuemann (or something in a similar price range), and found little to no noticeable difference in sound. To achieve this MXL uses a high-quality FET pre-amp and transformerless balanced output for wide dynamic range and low noise. I find it very clear and useful. Also does well with R&B. Instrument recording such as acoustic guitar, fiddle, and drums. Is it versatile enough for both? LOL! One common theme that I’ve come across with these entry level mics is that they all deliver a sound that rivals that of more expensive mics. You bet. Please do let your friends know Ben! The MXL 770 Recording Bundle offers many solutions for various audio services such as the condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphone solutions for the studio, podcasting, USB, and field recording. Your CPU will register that a device is connected but nothing else! ? Great mic, clean sound, and a ton of features make it extremely versatile plus it’s built like a tank and is super easy to use. It is also ideal for Single and multi-voice recordings. Pod-casting and voice over type applications. -Stu. Hey homestudiobasics, It is widely endorsed for rap vocals, female vocals, as well as voice over and instrument recording. Thanks for stopping by! The v67g is a really affordable option and great for instruments! Hands down., Your email address will not be published. Good page layout too! I am thinking of horns specifically. The entire bundle is available in a sleek black color. The frequency range is 30 Hz to 20 kHz. Check out my post on Acoustic Sound Treatment for some helpful tips on setting up your studio space! Although the MXL 770 will not sound anywhere close to a premium, high-end mic, it is capable of being an excellent all-round mic for home studio owners and beginners. I saw a guy on you-tube do a video of this and the difference was immense. Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for stopping by! Nah I wouldn’t even bother with this mic for karaoke, there are specific ones out there made for that, but thanks for the inspiration! -Stu, Awesome review of this mic Stu. Comments? MXL 770 is equipped with a selectable -10dB pre-attenuation pad and an optional high pass filter at 150 Hz. So this is obviously good for vocals.,, Blue Yeti vs. AT2020 vs. Samson C01 [Definitive Guide], Philips SHP9500 vs. AKG K702 vs. HIFIMAN DEVA. It’s a company based in California, USA. I really appreciate you stopping in.. Dynamic mics are fine in live situations but stink with acoustic instruments in a studio setting. Crisp and clear, picks up the highs well. -Stu. The product is one of the best for voiceover jobs. ... (MXL 770 and Audio-Technica AT2020), I … I think it will work fine and it’s a great vocal mic (for rap especially), though you may opt for the Blue Yeti which I have and really enjoy. It designs and builds a range of different products for music recording, broadcast, post-production, and live sound markets. This mic can pick up ambient sounds in the recording environment, so powerful vocals and louder sounds have the potential to produce harsh recordings. Turn off any fans, air conditioners, and computers in nearby rooms to minimize distractions. The Bundle was first launched in August 2013 and has had fantastic reviews on Amazon so far. You job in bakery certainly didn’t hold you back from becoming knowledgeable in all the gadgets on you site. Check back within the week, or I will send you an email when I’m done with it.. There is also a FET preamp with a transformerless output. It’s natural low end sound greatly benefits that husky male voice, but can also make a higher pitched voice sound more manly. Affordable? Looks like a great microphone! The 770 can be used for singing, … Recording/Sequencing program that may use MIDI data. The product comes complete with a small MXL  770 diaphragm condenser microphone  (also containing a shock mount and carrying case), one tripod mic stands with a fixed-length boom to securely mount and position the MXL 770, one pop filter to reduce vocal “popping” noises, and one 20 ft. XLR microphone cable to connect the MXL 770 to a recording or mixing device. In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more. The microphone’s bass response is outstanding, and the option of adding a high pass filter makes the recording of a crystal clear track so simple. Perhaps the greatest strength of the MXL 770 is it’s versatility. window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"0573ad2c5093a15ee16bc49c5","lid":"f49b0eb597","uniqueMethods":true}) }), Great for rap vocals (has that natural low-end sound). The entire set has a very professional look and feel. Mic Stand, Pop filter, and Shock-mount (optional). This mic can pick up ambient sounds in the recording environment, so powerful vocals … This recording bundle comes with many different features that make it an excellent product for beginners. Hi Stu. The low end is extremely warm and pleasant, and gives your voice a nice added emphasis. The low end is extremely warm and pleasant, and gives your voice a …

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