In this video series you will learn how to install a subwoofer amplifier in the trunk of a 97-03 BMW 5 series/M5 (E39). Tapped into the rear speaker adapters for the sub left and right input. Continuiously loosing connection to the rear and subwoofer speakers. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. Tomorrow, I will be swapping the front speakers and tweeters and also disconnecting the ANC. If you have a factory stereo then you'll get the signal to your powered sub a different way. ... You may need to gently tap the anchors in with a light hammer. I have had my HW-N950 for 6 months now. However, there are ways to add surround sound speakers to any soundbar, but, it's a complicated setup. There are a few instances where hooking up a soundbar and surround speakers at the same time, but most solutions will require a jumble of wires. ... holding your rear-channel speakers. Trying to tap into my rear speakers using a LOC Well technically its not a LOC because my amp provided a RCA cord with stripped wire on the other side, but it has the same properties so lets just say its a LOC. Sub powered on. Reactions: jp1d. Insert the stud into the speaker mount and turn it until it bottoms-out. You’ll want to make sure your amp has speaker-level inputs and "signal sensing" turn-on capability. Have to power down the the entire system, turn power back on, hokd down the buttons on the speakers for several seconds and do ID set. In this case, you can just tap into the speaker wires behind your stereo, or possibly the rear deck speakers. Here, we explain why using a soundbar with surround speakers might not be the best idea. I still have not reinstalled the rear deck because I am working on getting the tweeters installed. It doesn't matter what speaker wires you tap into all that matters is that you tap into the speaker wires to get an audio signal for the line out converter.

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