I’m mostly disappointed by getting things I really love only to find that they’ve gone out of business or I cannot get them. All subscribers will be able to pick one of the following for their Fall Box: 1 of 3 . I was very dissappointed in the fall box. Go on a picnic by myself? There is maybe one small thing per box that I think hmm...I really didn’t need that. I do wish FFF would track items you have received and avoid sending duplicates. It was terrible! Disappointing when items run out in the first day of customization. so I wasn't too excited to get this one... but wahoo. My summer box still has the stuff in it. Why offer choices if you don't get any of them!? Nectar Sunglasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Brown Tortoise $45 I loved the boxes with shower speakers, silicon wine glasses, picnic sets, etc. I just purchased a curling iron a few months ago and also had others that I actually want to get rid of. Occasionally I get an item what I'm not super interesting in, but that happens with all subscription boxes and it's still a chance to try something new. It would be cool sometime to maybe get a stationary set , or maybe people don’t use stationary anymore haha, okay, well, a nice journal and pen Set would be lovely. Seriously? I don't like that if you pay less annually you have a better selection. I loved the fall box. I didn’t like anything from the summer box. Agree with everyone else the last box was very disappointing. I agree with prior comments, spring and summer boxes felt like leftovers that couldn’t be sold. Definitely not worth the money so far. I am looking to get the backpack. Please Wow us with the winter box because the fall box won’t do it. Vitamasques Multivitamin Mask Set $40 Summer box was a bummer, the straightener is total crap. I love all the items in my Fall box! The first box was great, but after that not so great. Feeling skeptical going forward. I got none of the cool stuff they advertised and ended up getting 3 items that I've received in previous boxes (and didn't like any of them then) I gave away all but one thing from the summer box. Wont be renewing for sure! Like most items in most of the boxes over the years - I will be giving them away. I picked the folding basket and got the styling cream instead and the fff picks were nothing I was interested in. I agree, Summer box seemed like leftovers of items I see everywhere. I’m not sure what people are complaining about because I loved the summer box! My Summer box got lost and then resent it but for the inconveniences they let me pick 3 extra items. Sorry FFF. Also keep getting the same boring stuff. This luxe vitamin E infused cuticle and nail treatment features a delicious horchata scent. I wasn’t happy with my summer box so I hope my fall box is better. Can someone explain the curling rod??? If the Fall box is any better than the Summer box, I will just keep my money. Customer service is unresponsive. Maybe they will change it someday. Beyond Yoga Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf – $59.95. However, this last summer box was the worst box i have ever received. JENNY BIRD Leana Pendant $115 There was nothing in there that I was interested in at all. Enriched with coconut, this highlighter gives you a lit-from-within glow. I picked back pack but haven't opened it yet.Overall, I like the boxes but this year along with everything else this year have been just ok. It’s just like misting water. I'd love that weekend bag, the curling wond and the canisters for sure! Not a good first impression at all!! 6A. I have faith that you will bring back the fabulous and the fun. With being stuck at home mostly with pandemic I really needed something good to look forward to. Use code MSABONUS to get a free Bonus Box with annual subscription! I do StitchFix and have had a great experience with it, I’ll give this one more box before I cancel. It doesn’t heat up at all and also pulls the hair. S. Sunglasses and moisturizing cream. Underwhelmed this time. Again, got the cheapest of every selection. ???? Plus if you're using them the way you should, you should be running out by the time you get your next box!! The fall doesn't look much better. Love the scarfigan! This will be my 3rd box, I’ve had a traumatic couple of years this is the first thing I’ve done for myself even though I can’t really afford it. So many things end up online for sale. My credit card was charged July 4 and 5. I can't wait for the fall box. Required fields are marked *, I also was very disappointed in my fall box. Those of you who are saying the box was so great and then say you are giving items away or selling them online, you wouldn’t be doing that if you truly loved everything. If you have a regular membership by the time you can customize your box all the good stuff if gone. The Beauty Crop® Glow Milk in Blind Date $19.50 2B. Send the influencers the same stuff you send us!! Didn’t love my summer box. I am usually always very happy with every box. I did not get everything I picked in the last box that was also my first box is that the way it usually works don’t you get what you pick?

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