Dates are the delicious fruit grown from the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). This country exports approximately 8.8% of the world’s dates which totals around $94.3 million. Their moisture level of kabkab date is between 15-18%. Yearly production reached only 420,000 tons during Saddam Hussein’s regime. This represents a little over 17% of global date production but only 3% of world exports. The SC-6 exemption form must now be filed through the Compliance and Enforcement Management System (CEMS). Over the past 30 years, modernization changes have occurred in the planting, harvesting, packaging, processing, and marketing of dates, which has increased production and consumption of this product. This trench is filled with water so that it may go directly to the roots. Explore the archive of import volume & price information on Date and get updated on the current import volume & price of Date. Top Importing Countries of Date. Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iraq account for 69 percent of the world’s total date production. The primary importers of these exports are Jordan (19%), Yemen (17%), and Kuwait (15%). The countries with the highest levels of the date imports in 2015 were India (X thousand tonnes), the United Arab Emirates (X thousand tonnes), Morocco (X thousand tonnes), together accounting for X% of total imports. The second group is Russia, Eastern Europe, and Turkey. They are…, This type of dates are the most popular ones among dates for export. Their Moisture level of Rabbi Date is approximately 12% and that`s why Rabbi Sates are categorized…, These types of dates are most popular for their reasonable price. Based on the latest statistics the top five Dates Importing Countries are India, France, United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Individual country implementation dates may change without notice and it is the responsibility of the exporter to comply with importing country requirements at the time of export. Iraq produces 675,440 metric tons every year and is responsible for 7.3% of global date exports. As trade developed in this area with the rest of the world, dates were introduced to Southwest Asia, Northern Africa, and Spain. This country once produced over 1 million metric tons annually and had 30 million date palms. Dates are produced in hot and dry regions of the world and are marketed as a high-value sweetener worldwide. This represents a little over 17% of global date production but only 3% of world exports. Despite this large production rate, it only accounts for approximately 7.7% of total world exports. With people returning to organic food consumption, exporters can focus on advertising and selling this product in Europe. Dates Importing Countries : Many countries in the world cannot produce dates and must import this nutritious fruit from other countries. Nearly 388,000 acres across the country are dedicated to date palms and its fruit production. These larger sizes are in high demand on the international market. As Iran is one of the main exporting countries of dates, we have customers around the world. The abolition of slavery occurred at different times in different countries. II - The 5 leading date importing countries in Europe. Find trusted Dates Buyers. they buy dates from the main exporters and re-export them in the form and packaging they like. There are hundreds of date palm cultivars available, however, the two most widely grown in the United States are the “Deglet Noor” and the “Medjool” (Morton, 1987). The history of importing and exporting dates back to the Roman Empire, when European and Asian traders imported and exported goods across the vast lands of Eurasia.

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