Reasons for their decline may be habitat-related, Wood said. The team’s results published last month in The Condor: Ornithological Applications reveal trouble on the horizon for the California spotted owl. The Spotted Owl’s primary location call consists of 4 notes as compared to the Barred Owl’s 9 note call (most noticeable though, might be tone and pattern since the two owls have many variations). The California spotted owl is the lesser-known cousin of the Northern and Mexican spotted owl, and is found in the Los Padres National Forest and other parts of California. S. o. lucida or Mexican spotted owl S. o. occidentalis or California spotted owl : Sounds & Calls: Whistling and hooting, sometimes like barking, “hup,hoo-hoo” Lifespan: 16-17 years Diet: Flying squirrels, wood rats, deer mice, snowshoe rabbits, and voles Adaptations: The strong beak is suitable for hunting its prey. Their growing numbers come as California spotted owl populations are falling. 1998). “A spotted owl sounds sort of like hoh-hoo OOH,” Wood demonstrated, “and a barred owl goes oh oh oh-oh, oh oh oh-OOH.”. The California Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis occidentalis) occurs in the southern Cascade Range in northern California, through the Sierra Nevada, across the Transverse and Peninsular Ranges in southern California, and up the Coast Range through Monterey County. Since 2006, a substantial body of scientific literature has been published that calls into question the basis of the USFWS’s 2006 decision not to list the species, including: (1) conclusive evidence of a range-wide decline in California spotted owl abundance and occupancy on all Forest Service-managed lands that have been monitored for more than 20 years (Conner et al. Long-term studies show the species is declining about 2% per year, even in the absence of any major barred owl populations. Breeding in Middle America, North America: w; can be seen in 3 countries. The Barred Owl has also invaded the range of the California Spotted Owl (S. o. occidentalis) in the Sierra Nevada (Dark et al. The barred owl population ballooned between 2017 and 2018, growing by 2.6 times. The eyes of both owls are dark brown to black, the bills are horn to yellowish in color and they lack ear tufts. Spotted Owl bird photo call … It is a CDFW Species of Special Concern. The California spotted owl — known as “CSO” for short — is lighter brown in color and has larger white spots compared to its northern counterpart. Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis) bird sounds free on

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